Sir Arthur Say Public Should Demand Referendum

Former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes said yesterday the Bahamian public should “demand” the equality referendum happen “sooner rather than later” and was concerned that no date has been announced for when the vote will be held.

Addressing Rotarians of South East Nassau, Sir Arthur said it is a great pity that referendum has not yet happened.

In October, Constitutional Commission Chairman Sean McWeeney admitted that the referendum would not take place this year.

Mr. McWeeney could not say when the vote will be held, although he expressed hope that the four related equality bills will be passed in Parliament this year.

He ruled out the possibility that the referendum could happen early next year, noting how close that would be to the Christmas season, or that it would happen around Easter, citing Lent.

“I think it’s a great pity that we haven’t done it, and I hope that all those concerned – the government, the commission and the Bahamian public – should demand that we do this,” Sir Arthur said.

“This is essential, this is necessary if we’re really going to be a democratic country with the same equality for everybody. So its absolutely essential, and I hope the sooner the better.”

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