Referendum Delayed Until 2015

The referendum on the Constitutional Amendment Bills regarding gender equality has, once again, been postponed. MP for Bain and Grants Town Dr. Bernard Nottage made the announcement in the House of Assembly on Monday. He stated that the postponement is based on recommendations by the Constitutional Commission which needs more time to educate the general public.

Dr. Nottage said, “Following consultations that the Constitutional Commission has recently had with government, the religious community and various sectors of civil society, the commission has recommended to the government that a longer period of time be allowed for public education and national dialogue before a national referendum is held on the pending bills.”

The referendum was first set for June 2013, and this is the fourth postponement of the exercise. The new date, according to Dr. Nottage, will be determined after consultation the Opposition, Parliamentary Commissioner, and the Constitutional Commission.

Read the full story in The Tribune.

Equality Bahamas (Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination) will continue its work to educate the public on the Constitutional Amendment Bills. We will also advocate for a fixed and final date for the gender equality referendum.