The Four Bills: What are they for?

The Constitutional Commission has presented four Constitutional Amendment Bills for consideration. The language of the Bills can be difficult to understand, so we have distilled them for ease of understanding.

The four Bills intend to make the following changes:

BILL 1: Allow Bahamian mothers married to non-Bahamian men to pass citizenship on to their children born outside of The Bahamas (the way Bahamian men currently can)

BILL 2: Allow non-Bahamian men married to Bahamian women the right to apply for Bahamian citizenship (the way wives of Bahamian men currently can)

BILL 3: Allow Bahamian men to pass on citizenship to their children born outside of wedlock (the way Bahamian woman currently can)

BILL 4: Add “sex” to the definition of discrimination (where race, place of origin, colour, and creed are currently listed)


The Bills have been sent to committee. They have not yet been passed by the Parliament or Senate. The referendum, contingent on a 75% majority vote in both Houses, is currently scheduled for November 6, 2014.

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